About Kaisho Karate

Kaisho Karate is real Karate!!

About Kaisho Karate

Kaisho Karate was formed in January 2014 by 4th Dan Benjamin Campbell. After 29 years in martial arts and 11 years as an England international fighter, 2 x Bronze European medals, 4 x British Champion, 6 x English Champion and 2003 World Shukokai Champion, I decided to form my own club affiliated to the EKF to teach, encourage and motivate students to achieve their potential.

Kaisho Karate teaches traditional Shotokan karate in a modern way. Students are encouraged and pushed in the traditional values of Shotokan karate and the standard shows. Classes teach focus, increase fitness and endurance, learning, concentration, but most of all, karate!

Karate isn't just about fighting. Its encapsulates so many building blocks. Basics, techniques, kata, fighting, stamina, team work and leadership. Students are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone, but never pressured. Karate is hard, but the sense of achievement along the way is immense and rewarding.

Karate is something that so many people have done, but never stuck to, because sometimes it seems too structured and repetitive. Kaisho Karate is what karate is now and what students and I as the instructor want it to be. Working hard, learning and achieving, knowing you are taught the traditional values of karate, correctly, effectively with understanding, but most of all, enjoying it.

Karate is my passion, my love and what I think about as soon as I wake up. There are too many karate clubs out there that don't offer structure and progression for their students. To train and achieve on a personal level in a friendly environment, or to compete on the national circuit and compete against the best in the country, with access to International level competitions.

Kaisho Karate is real karate.


A family friendly Karate School and you're welcome to visit our classes at anytime for a taster class or just to observe.